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Windows 95/98/ME

Windows NT

Windows 2000




File compression utilities


Windows 95/98/ME, 1425KB, 4/27/00  

  • EASI driver for Logic Audio
  • More MTC frame rates
  • AES3id/SPDIF via Sync Backplate BNC's
  • ASIO-2 driver with sample-accurate timecode
  • AudioX metering added (44.1 kHz only)
  • Support for Intel 820 chipset

Download Manual (pdf form - 4.5MB) (note--check README included with driver for updated information), 972KB, 8/12/98  

Windows NT4
Windows 2000

Try the new beta driver:, 1440KB, 2/24/01

  • Fixes for multiple CPUs
  • Improvements to installer, 1288KB, 3/31/00

  • More MTC frame rates
  • AudioX (44.1 kHz only)
  • AES3id via Sync Backplate BNC's
  • S/MUX 96KHz/24bit format
  • Driver appearance via control panel

The NT driver requires Service Pack 3, 5 or 6, available from Microsoft. CLICK HERE.

Download NT Manual (pdf form)

Please check readme file for installation instructions., 1211KB, 11/15/99


STUDIO18.sit, 650KB, 07/01/99

  • Blue G3/G4 compatible
  • Optimized for G3
  • AES3id via Sync Backplate BNC's
  • ASIO-2 features implemented
  • 96K Support!
  • Compatible with all ASIO applications
  • bug fixes (of course)
  • STUFFIT 5.1 required

Installation instructions

Version 14 HERE.


Go HERE for OSS Linux Drivers.


Starting with Version 5.0 of BeOS, support for STUDI/O is automatically included.

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All Windows


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