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Sonorus Inc. releases first-ever EASI driver

Release date: November 30, 1999

Editorial Contact: John Bastianelli <>

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New York, NY -- Sonorus, Inc. president Marc Lindahl has announced the release of the first-ever EASI driver for the award winning STUDI/OTM soundcard.

Sonorus was the first company to announce EASI support and is the first to release the driver for Emagic's Logic Audio 4.0. As Marc mentioned to Felix Bertram, Group Executive Hardware & Engines at Emagic, back at Musik Messe 99 "We will support EASI as soon as possible. Tell the whole world! The concept of this interface is absolutely great! Our STUDI/O product provides level metering, input monitoring and mixing on the hardware level and EASI will allow much more elegant software adaptation than ever before. Thanks to EASI the performance of a combined hardware/software system can be increased significantly."

As a result of supporting EASI, the STUDI/O+Logic Audio user can expect a reduction in the load on their computer's CPU resulting in more processing power for greater track record/playback and DSP plug-ins.

Additionally, Sonorus' exclusive multi-client interface allows simultaneous operation of EASI, ASIO, and Wave drivers, with separately adjustable latencies and channel reservations for each (see EASI control panel to the right). This could be used, for example, to run BitHeadz AS-1 through ASIO while Logic runs through EASI.

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