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This discussion list is an unmoderated discussion of Sonorus products. Anyone is free to join (subject to conditions, of course). Sonorus, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this list -- we are hosting it as a service to the audio community, especially those concerned with the stuff we make. Some Sonorus employees will probably check the list occasionally, just to make sure things aren't getting out of hand. But hopefully this will become a productive forum for users of Sonorus equipment to share tips and tricks, and provide emotional support when your computer crashes for the 3rd time during a session (that part's a joke, of course). However, if you need technical support please use the standard channels, such as If you need to contact Sonorus about something, send us email at

Since this list is available internationally, before taking offense or becoming critical of someone's posting please consider the imperfect window (the English language) through which you view these posts.

[LIST] posts about the list (usually from the List Manager)
[NT] for Windows NT specific posts
[WIN] for Windows95/98 specific posts
[PC] for PC specific posts (common NT/95 discussions)
[MAC] for Macintosh specific posts
[LINUX] for Linux specific posts
[BE] for BeOS specific posts
[OFF] for off-topic posts

(If it gets too off, please don't use this list.)

It is VERY important that you use square brackets "[ ]".

Example: "[NT] mono device setup question"

If for example a mail contains [PC] in brackets it can automatically be stored in a specified folder. If your email client doesn't have filters (or mail actions, which is the same) get an email-client that does.

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